A night on the RunWade for Cherish Thompson

Wade's World Foundation was founded in 2003, But mentally, it has existed for over 20 years. "I began to wonder why no one had come to visit my neighborhood. Why hadn't anyone come to my school to remind me or the other children that we too could change the world and achieve the impossible? I wanted to experience the same emotions and hear the same words that the children in the new segment did. That day, in that very moment, I decided that if I ever 'made it,' I would return to my community, encourage the youth and give back to local organizations in need. Today, with God's blessings I am able to fulfill the promise that I made to myself. With a central purpose of promoting the education of children/youth and its' three focus initiatives of literacy, health and fatherhood, Wade's World primarily services the Chicago, South Florida and Milwaukee areas."




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