The Practice

1 Litigation

We represent clients in all types of legal matters. Our team represents banks, finance companies, mortgage lenders, and affluent individuals in a wide variety of disputes in both state and federal courts. We find no greater satisfaction than obtaining the most favorable and expeditious results for our clients.

3 Alternative Dispute Resolution

As third party neutrals, the co-mediators guide the parties away from the conflict inherent in time-consuming litigation, and towards a mutually acceptable settlement so the parties can continue with their personal and professional productivity. The United Kingdom's unique model of mediation has achieved wide acclaim with a reported eighty-five percent (85%) success rate, reaching settlements that stick.

2 Immigration and Expatriation Services

We have the experience necessary to represent our clients before state, federal and governmental agencies. The immigration rules are constantly in review, but our legal team offers professional expertise to deliver the best results. Our Law Firm provides solutions to live, work and invest in the United States. We can also provide assistance with applications for work authorization, permanent residency, and naturalization.

4 Family Office

With a Rolodex of transcontinental clientele, we are the solution for managing the legal affairs of affluent individuals and families. As a central source for information and advice, our office provides stability and longevity in a completely confidential manner. Providing a concierge type legal service, our clients have come to rely on our firm for their diverse needs.


The Thompson Law Firm offers distinctive service to all our clients. We are available no matter the circumstance.

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